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The administration, faculty, and staff of Christ the King Regional School believes that education has four facets: spiritual, academic, emotional, and social. To be successful, a school must meet the needs of its students in each of these areas. To this end, the Christ the King School community strives to educate the whole child.

Our students receive a solid moral foundation and we work with them to develop in each a strong set of values. Class and school liturgies and daily prayer are important parts of our educational process. 

The faculty and administration of CKRS provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. Basics, creativity, and allowances for individual intellectual growth are incorporated into the curriculum, using a variety of instructional techniques. High standards are set for our students by our teaching staff who forms a partnership with our parents to meet the academic needs of every child.

Through educational and recreational activities the children learn to work as a team and to share their ideas with others. Respect for opinions of others, recognition of proper behavior, and an appreciation for physical fitness are stressed on all grade levels.