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School Photos
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JesusStainedGlass (jpg)

shieldmural (jpg)

DSC_1681 (jpg)

DSC_1620 (jpg)

DSC_1581 (jpg)

DSC_1573 (jpg)

DSC_2937 (jpg)

DSC_2936 (jpg)

DSC_2907 (jpg)

middleschoolers_outsideBrightfaces (jpg)

DSC_2883 (jpg)

DSC_2870 (jpg)

DSC_2845 (jpg)

DSC_2840 (jpg)

DSC_2817 (jpg)

DSC_2803 (jpg)

DSC_2793 (jpg)

DSC_2785 (jpg)

DSC_2777 (jpg)

DSC_2765 (jpg)

DSC_2763 (jpg)

DSC_2756 (jpg)

DSC_2754 (jpg)

DSC_2726 (jpg)

DSC_2722 (jpg)

DSC_2690 (jpg)

DSC_2684 (jpg)

DSC_2652 (jpg)

DSC_2631 (jpg)

DSC_2615 (jpg)

Christ the King Regional School  ♦  164 Hopkins Avenue  ♦  Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033  ♦  856-429-2084  ♦  Fax: 856-429-4504

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